Due to the rigorous compliance of protocols for the transport of dangerous merchandise internationally, First Logistics has positioned itself as an international logistics and trade company that meets the requirements for the transport of dangerous goods. We care about your cargo, the environment and complying with the international and domestic legal regulations.

These are some of the dangerous goods that we transport:

    1. Flammable gases, non-flammable gases, toxic gases. Examples: Aerosols, lighters, helium, compressed oxygen among others.
    2. Flammable liquids. Examples: Alcohols, aldehydes, paints and thinner, perfumes, lacquers, among others.
    3. Flammable solids. Examples: Unprocessed cotton, sodium, lithium, potassium
    4. Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides. Examples: Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), benzoyl peroxide, sterilizing agent, among others.
    5. Corrosive Substances. Examples: Mercury, detergents, sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, sodium and potassium hydroxide and hypochlorite, formaldehyde and battery acid, among others.
    6. Hazardous substances and objects. Examples: Parts or parts with fuel vapors, dry ice, batteries of lithium, magnetized material, substances harmful to the environment.
    7. Toxic substances, Examples: Pesticides
    8. Mixture of odoriferous substances, example: Alcoholic solutions for the elaboration of beverages and meals.